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Is My Dirty Carpets Making Me Sick in Dublin, CA? DIY & Professional Carpet Cleaning Solutions

How dedicated are you in keeping your carpets clean? Dirty carpet can have a number of effects on the home and the household. One way dirty carpet can affect those inside the home is that dirty carpet can make you sick. Carpets that are not properly taken care of can become filled with a number of contaminants. Carpet Care 2000 will share how carpets can make you sick and what you need to do to have safe and healthy carpets.

What’s Living in Your Carpets?

Carpet is made with fabric fibers that are twisted together and looped to create a soft and padded flooring. Carpets make a great flooring. Carpets are soft, non-slip, and even helps insulate the inside of the house which improves the home’s energy. Even though carpets are a great flooring with many benefits, its design allows particles to fall deep in between the fiber and become trapped. Because carpet can trap a number of different contaminates it can become a breeding ground for fungus, bacteria, and mold. Here are some of the common particles typically found in carpets.
• Dirt and Dust
• Pet Dander and Hair
• Human Hair and Dead Skin Cells
• Insect Waste and Husks
• Food Particles
• Mold, Fungus, and Bacteria
In allowing these elements to remain in your carpets they will begin to affect the air and the surface of the carpet. Dirty carpets can lead to skin conditions, respiratory infections and similar problems. Some bacteria can even evolve into E. Coli and or Salmonella. It is important to take care of your carpets to prevent illnesses and other health problems.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Solutions to Care for Carpets

To keep your carpets safer you will need to keep your carpets clean. To keep carpets clean the homeowner will need to start with frequent and proper vacuuming. Carpets will stay much cleaner with weekly vacuuming. However, not only do you need to vacuum, but you will also need to vacuum properly. Yes, there is a proper way to vacuum carpets. When vacuuming your carpets you should go in multiple directions. Never vacuum in a single direction. When vacuuming in multiple directions you will remove the most amount of dirt and debris in the carpets. With proper and weekly vacuuming of the carpets, you can prevent a number of health problems developing in your carpets.

Professional Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

Along with weekly vacuuming of the carpets, you will also want the carpets cleaned. Carpet needs to be deep cleaned. Carpet cleaning helps to remove even more particles deep within the carpet. Carpet cleaning can help treat any potential bacteria, fungus or mold that may be in the carpets. Carpet cleaning can greatly help prevent harmful contaminates in the carpets. A homeowner should have their carpets deep cleaned about every six months to maintain clean and healthy carpets. A professional carpet cleaning service can help perform quality carpet cleaning and can be scheduled every six months. Carpets can become a potential health hazard if not properly cared for. Carpets require vacuuming and deep cleaning. When you need to schedule a professional deep carpet cleaning contact Carpet Care 2000 today.

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