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Spilled Bleach on Carpets is Not a Stain! How Can You Fix a Bleach Spot on Carpet in San Ramon, CA?

It is a wonderful sunny day. You woke up refreshed and ready to start the list of chores you prepared yourself. Whistling the melody of your favorite song, you brazenly carry the armful of bathroom cleaners to get started, when disaster strikes. The bleach bottle managed to slip through your grasp and before you get that favorite word to describe the situation out, you realize then that bleach bottle lid was not screwed on tight. After the tantrum is over, and maybe the much needed venting you posted on your favorite social network site, you try desperately to scrub out the “stain”. When you realize that didn’t work, you log on to your preferred search engine hoping desperately to find a home remedy, but you furrow your brow and wonder how well those really work. Don’t do any of it!

Spilled Bleach on Carpet is Not a Stain

It’s not the kids’ kool-aid, a pet stain, or even food stain. It’s worse! Bleach actually is formulated to remove color. That’s right. Once that bleach contacts that perfect shade of carpet you found, it is doing its job and completely removing that color. Allow us a moment to paint the picture for a better understanding what’s going on with bleach. It is a common misconception that folks believe bleach is a stain. From when those jeans get hit with some droplets of bleach, or when a hair stylist is putting those therapeutic highlights in your hair, bleach isn’t simply coloring over a pre-existing shade. Bleach completely removes that base color. The longer bleach does its work, the more absent color becomes until it is white. So when that dreadful accident happened this morning, your carpets perfect hue is getting lighter and lighter. We can tell you that many amateurs out there think they got the right solution to the untimely dilemma. I’ve seen people using coffee grounds, tea bags, and if you can imagine markers – AH! All are awful; you wouldn’t use any of those things to try and fix those favorite jeans, or get the magnificent highlights. Please don’t be fooled, and attempt to use these “quick fixes” on your carpet. Most likely, you will hate the mess even more than the bleach spot, and it will end up costing you more in the long run to get that professional to fix it for you!

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Now that you got a little education on the subject, breathe, and relax a little bit, and stop the worrying! As soon as you do that, immediately blot the spot with cold water and a paper towel. Just like you would hire a professional to make sure your hair gets done right, you need to hire a professional to take action and rescue that carpet that you fell in love with. The technician at hand will find the right dye to match your carpet and begin treatment. In most cases the service is completed within a day. After their task is successful, the only ones that will know will be your friends from that embarrassing fit you just had to post. Call us today!

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