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Keeping Home Clean During Quarantine in Danville, CA; Chores, Cleaning as You Go, Sanitation of Carpet & More

With schools closed throughout the country and social distancing being strongly encouraged from the government, many people are feeling anxious about the future. Instead of feeling worried, Carpet Care 2000 encourages you to try and find peace wherever you can. Your home can be a safe haven that will help you find that peace during this stressful time. As you and your family spend more time in your home you will want to make sure that you take time to keep your home clean. It is easy for your home to get dirty with your family members home more often than normal. You will want to make sure that you are taking steps to help keep your home clean during this period of quarantine.

Chores During Shelter in Place

Cleaning your home should be a family affair. If your kids do not currently routinely do chores, now is the time to have them start. You can search online to find different ideas for chore charts that may help you implement a system for chores in your home. Once you have found a system that you think will work for you introduce the idea to your kids. Having more people help you keep your house clean will take the burden off one person doing it all on their own.

Clean as You Go Policy

Keeping your house clean is not just about chores. Throughout your day you get things out to use them for various projects or tasks that you complete. It can be easy to leave the mess out and move onto the next project. Carpet Care 2000 suggests that you clean up one project before moving onto the next project. If you teach your entire family to do this your home will stay cleaner. This will eventually become part of your daily routine and you will do it without thinking about it.

House Cleaning Schedule

With not as much on our calendars right now it can be easy to have no schedule right now. You really should stick to some sort of schedule though. Having a schedule will help you stay motivated to get things done instead of wasting the day away on accident. You may have to play around with your schedule until you find one that suits your family. Make sure that you include chore time when you make your schedule.

Put Things Away at End of Day

Even if you implement all of these suggestions your home will still have some messes that need to be cleaned up by the time evening arrives. At the end of the day Carpet Care 2000 suggests that you take 10 minutes to have everyone walk through the house and pick up anything that they see out where it is not supposed to be. Whatever they see they are responsible for putting away. This simple tip exercise will help immensely.

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We hope that these tips help you keep your house clean during the quarantine period we are all experiencing right now. Carpet Care 2000 is offering a free home sanitation of carpet with every cleaning service. Just mention this offer when booking. Stay safe everyone!

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