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Laws Regarding California Apartment Carpet Cleaning Charges and Penalties

Are you getting ready to move out of an apartment and are you leaving the apartment in the same condition as when you moved in? You may have answered “no” to this question, but if you did answer “yes” you might still be in for a surprise. Yes or no your landlord could potentially charge you for what he considers damages to the carpet or other items in your unit. Don’t despair, you do have options and one of your best options is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to deep clean your carpets. The highly trained and skilled professionals at Carpet Care 2000 are available to help get your carpets clean and sanitized and back to looking brand new. At Carpet Care 2000 we clean your home as if it were our own!

Normal California Carpet Wear and Tear
Once your carpets are clean and sanitized, take pictures using a camera that has a time and date stamp. Just like the old cliché a picture is worth a thousand words, it could save you your hard earned cash. Photographic evidence can help you prove your case should your landlord try to prosecute you for monetary damages. Your landlord may walk through the apartment with a checklist. Your landlord may even quote terms such as normal wear and tear, or damaged beyond repair, but remember normal wear and tear is a vague term that is open to interpretation and completely different from the term actual damage. Your landlord may attempt to charge you for the wear in the carpet caused by regular traffic patterns. But general carpet wear is out of your control and you can contest these charges. Damages are things in an apartment that you or your guests might break or damage beyond repair, carpet damage may include tears in the carpet, animal stains that are permanent, burn marks or failure to regularly clean causing irreparable damage. Remember as a tenant you have certain legal rights. Check with local law firm to find out the specifics.

Some of the deterioration that is considered normal wear are:

• Faded paint
• Worn hinges on door or locks
• Faded curtains, that came with the unit
• A blown bulb in the refrigerator
As a tenant you are not responsible for normal wear and tear to walls and floors etc.

Typical carpet and other damages in rental apartments may include:

• Holes in walls from hanging picture frames
• Holes in doors or broken windows
• Clogged drains caused by misusing toilets or sinks
• Broken shelves in the refrigerator or excessive dirt or dust in the refrigerator vents
• Stoves caked with grease.
• Excessive bathroom mold
When walls and carpets are damaged beyond repair you as the tenant can be held responsible.

Quality California Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Care 2000 not only specializes in steam cleaning your carpets we can also deep clean your tile and grout. Contact Carpet Care 2000 today and speak with a customer service representative to schedule your move in or out carpet and tile and grout cleaning. Don’t forget – We clean your home as if we our own!

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