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Repairing your California Carpet with Professional Carpet Stretching

If you look around and you notice there are areas of your carpet that are loose or maybe it seems to be bunched up you need to look into repair or replacing? Does you carpet still look nice and you have taken good care of it? You may think that replacing it is the only option that you have, but you are wrong. There is a technique that is used called carpet stretching that can take the areas of loose carpet and pull them back to the seams or wall to tighten it back up. How does this work and can it work for you. Here is the information that you need to know about carpet stretching.

Carpet Shifting May Require Stretching Carpet

What can cause the carpet to shift and loosen up? The carpet won’t usually move and start to bunch up just by day to day living. It has been glued and nailed to the floor and will take more than walking around to get it to move. One way that the carpet can shift is when large pieces of furniture is moved around a lot. Maybe you have re-arranged your room again. Maybe the families that lived before you have moved their stuff in and out often. This can cause the carpet to lift and shift over which is usually when you find these ripples of loose carpet.

Tracy California Carpet Repair Services

If the carpet is still in good shape the cost to replace it can seem like a big investment especially if you can’t seem to find any other reason. Many carpet cleaning companies offer carpet stretching that can repair these minor troubles with you carpet.

How Professional California Carpet Stretching Works

How does carpet stretching work. Our technicians at Carpet Care 2000 are trained to stretch your carpeting. The technician will come in and lift the carpet at the edge of the room that has the problem and pull with a specialized tool that will move the carpet towards the lifted up area. Once the carpet is pulled tight and all the ripples are straightened the technician will cut away any excess carpet pieces. Then the technician will usually take time to attach the carpet back down to ensure it will stay in place in the future.

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