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Oriental Rug Cleaning & Maintenance Tips in Tracy CA; Turn Often, Avoid Sunlight, Vacuum & Tend to Stain Removal

Investing in Oriental rugs is often done with hesitation. In most cases, they adorn hardwood or tiled flooring, and they are designed to add flare and accentuate a room, while still providing comfort. With anything we choose to decorate our homes with, we still want them to last as long as possible, while serving a functional purpose.

Carpet Care 2000 has compiled some maintenance to help care for your Oriental rugs and to lengthen their longevity

1. Frequently Turn Rugs. Depending on the amount of traffic your area rug endures, depends on the frequency of rotation. Rotating the Oriental rugs help even out the wear it impacts. If the oriental rug is placed in a room where it receives little use, it can be rotated every year or two. However, if the oriental rug is in an area where it takes a beating with high volume of walking traffic and daily activity, its best to rotate them every month or couple months. Keep in mind the natural sunlight that might contribute to faded colors. If there is a lot of sun hitting your oriental rug in a slow traffic area, rotate it every few months.
2. Avoid Direct Sunlight on Rugs. As mentioned before, the sunlight can cause the dyes to fade and the rug to dry out. To help prevent dramatic fading on your Oriental rug, block out the sun as much possible. Over exposure can reduce the vibrancy and over all life span of your Oriental rug.
3. Rug Fringe Care. On Oriental rugs, the decorative fringes can become tangled and intertwined. To fix it, flip your rug upside down by grabbing one end and walking it to the other. Slightly shake the fringes loose, and while they are laid out, gently comb them out straight. While the rug is upside down, vacuum the bottom side. Make sure your vacuum is set to bare floors so that the beater bar is not turning to avoid damage.
4. Vacuum Rugs. Oriental rugs require vacuuming like any other rug or carpeting. Especially in high traffic areas, dirt and grime needs to be removed often to prevent early deterioration. Don’t forget to vacuum the less battered Oriental rug. To keep the fibers fluffed, vacuuming helps. As you did vacuuming the back side, be sure the beater bar is not rotating to prevent tears, runs and other degrees of damage.
5. Immediate Rug Spot & Stain Removal. When accidental spills happen, prompt removal is essential. Use only water to blot away stains. Due to the delicate nature of oriental rugs, if the stain does not lift away with the use of water, contact a professional to remove the stains.
6. Rug Padding. Oriental rugs are easily wrinkled and need to be more substantial. Utilize padding to contribute to better comfort and to enhance the Oriental rugs stability.
7. Avert Rug High Traffic Pathways. There is only so much space in a room, and due to the arrangement of furniture, natural pathways occur. If at all possible, rearrange the furniture to create a new pathway to prevent localized wear, and to prolong the life span.
8. Damp Clean Rugs. Every so often, it is a good idea to perform a wipe down to help collect dust and debris the vacuum may leave behind. Dampen a towel in cool water, and gently wipe down the Oriental rug to return the vibrancy.
9. Rug Airing. To help deter odors, especially from moisture, every 6 months, allow your Oriental rug to air out in the outdoors. Any time it comes into contact with moisture, it is optimal to allow it to hang outside.
10. Professional Rug Care. The professional has it’s play in regular maintenance of Oriental Rugs. Hire an expert to skillfully clean, sanitize and deodorize your Oriental rugs once a year, as often as needed to contribute to lasting longevity.

Our technicians at Carpet Care 2000 are masterfully trained and come equipped with the appropriate equipment and detergents to carefully and efficiently clean your Oriental rugs in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville California.

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