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Pet Friendly Carpets; Best Carpet Pile, Fiber, Color & More for Pets that Shed, Pee & Poop Indoors in Lathrop, CA

It’s no secret that pets can be hard on carpet. No matter how hard it is to keep your carpet pristine when you have a furry companion, you wouldn’t change a thing. Well, you may change the kind of carpet you put in your home. Any time you are changing out the carpet in your home, you want to give it careful consideration because of the size of this investment. If you are facing carpet replacement and have pets in your home, you will want to take those pets into consideration as you choose your new carpet. Carpet Care 2000 is here to talk about what types of carpet are best for homes with pets.

Best Carpet Pile for Pets

You will be able to choose between looped piles or cut piles. Cut piles are usually the one you will want to choose for a home with pets because loops tend to get caught on our pet’s nails. Another deterrent for looped pile comes from the face that many new puppies look at looped carpet as a new chew toy. When you choose cut pile for your home, you won’t run into any of these issues.

What Carpet Fiber is Best for Pets?

For the most part, you will be choosing between nylon and polyester carpet fiber for your home. These are the two most common and most durable carpet fibers available. This choice is not so clear cut. There have been many advancements made with nylon carpeting that make it great for stain resistance. In the past, polyester has been the leading choice in stain protection. When you are choosing the right carpet, make sure you ask specific questions about stain resistance. If you are doubting which one to choose, you can’t go wrong with polyester.

What Color Carpet Hides Pet Stains Best?

Most pet owners won’t even consider getting white carpet in their homes. Just in case though, white is not the color for a house with pets. Muddy paw prints and accidents can ruin white carpet in a hurry. You may want to choose darker shades as well as a carpet that has a pattern to it that will help hide some of the pet mishaps that are sure to come.

Are Carpet Tiles Good for Dogs?

If you have a new puppy, you may want to consider the carpet that is gaining in popularity, carpet tiles. They can make replacing sections of carpet that have been damaged by your pet a breeze to replace.

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It doesn’t matter what carpet you choose for your home; you will need to maintain it to protect your investment. At Carpet Care 2000, we provide our valued customers with carpet cleaning services that can’t be beat. We will make sure your carpet is deep cleaned and remains in like new condition. It doesn’t matter what stains your pets have left behind, we will remove them. Call us today!

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