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Pets & your Carpet; Dust, Dirt, Dander, Pet Hair, Odor & Stain Removal in Livermore California

Pets often become a close knit member of the family and provide us with companionship, happiness and loyalty. Pets are great friends to kids and reliable companions for their owners, providing love to those who reside in the home. Although we do love our pets, often times we forget the filth that they bring into our homes on a daily basis. A pet is like a vehicle for dirt, dust, grime, bacteria, feces and other undesirable materials to enter into our homes. While we will always love our pets, we do not love the messes that they bring into the house, not to mention the sometimes never ending pet hair that can be found everywhere in the house.

High Traffic Area Carpet Cleaning

The dust, dirt and other filth that pets bring into a home have a negative effect on floors and carpet. Just like us, pets are generally creatures of habit, and so probably take the same pathways throughout the house each day. This will put more of an impact on specific areas in the home that are getting dirty from pet’s paws tracking in dust and dirt every day. High foot traffic areas can make carpet dull and gray, leaving a dark shadowed stain behind if not properly cared for.

Dust & Dander Allergies

Pets can leave a handful of materials behind that you may not think of, this includes spit or saliva. A dog has at least twenty species of bacteria in its mouth and who knows how those will affect you and your family if you come into contact with it. Dogs drool all of the time and chances are there is a great deal of saliva present in your carpet that you are unaware of. Although it’s something we do not like to think about, pet feces can make it into your home; there are twenty three million fecal coliform bacteria in a single gram of pet waste. Pets also acts as transport for fleas and other bugs that can easily hitch a ride into your home and settle down into your carpet.

Professional Carpet Cleaning, Pet Hair, Odor & Stain Removal in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville CA

Dust and dirt are tramped into houses on pets paws, and that dust and dirt will fall right into your carpet. Studies have shown that one square foot of carpet can hold up to an entire pound of dirt. Now think of all these materials residing in your carpet with a layer of your pet’s hair on top of that; a pet can cause quite a bit of damage to your carpets. Keeping carpets clean while having a happy pet is still possible. Regular carpet cleaning done by a professional each year will lengthen the life of your carpet and keep the filth your pet brings in your home, out of your carpet. Contact Carpet Care 2000 for excellent carpet cleaning service that will remove all pet dander and dust.

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