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Professional VS DIY Carpet Installation in Banta, CA; Knee Kickers, Power Stretchers & More

Today there are hundreds of do it yourself tutorials available on thousands of different topics. When the time comes for home improvement projects many homeowners start searching through those tutorials trying to determine if they can indeed do it themselves. The main advantage of doing projects yourself is saving the money that you would have paid for someone else to complete the project for you. While some projects do not require much prior knowledge or expertise, others are harder to navigate on your own without that knowledge and expertise. One project you may be thinking of doing on your own is installing your own carpet. We recommend that you read the information below to help you determine if installing your own carpet is a wise choice or if you should hire one our professional installers here at Carpet Care 2000.

Tools to Stretch Carpet

When installing carpet there are specialty tools that are required. You will need a knee kicker and a power stretcher to properly install your carpet. Many home improvement and tool rental stores do rent the tools needed for carpet installation. The knowledge and skill required to use these skills may not be as easy as you think. Make sure that you research properly ahead of time on how to use the tools if you choose to install the carpet yourself.

Installing Carpet Padding

In addition to needing the proper tools for installing carpet, you will also need to understand how to properly complete the steps for carpet and padding installation. The padding is installed before the carpet. Carpet padding provides extra cushioning on your feet as you walk on your carpet. Padding is an integral part of your carpet. Though it may seem easy to just unroll the padding and lay it on the ground, there is more to it than that. If the padding is not installed correctly there could be bumps in the padding. Any bumps in the padding will be noticeable on the carpet once it is laid. You will also need to be able to cut around any heating and cooling registers that may be found on your floor.

Laying Carpet

Once the padding is laid you will need to lay your carpet. You will want to consider the shape and size of your room when debating about whether or not to try this project on your own. Odd corners or lines in your room will complicate the installation process. Large rooms will typically result in seams that need to be pushed together during installation. If you have ever been in a house where carpet was poorly installed you may have noticed the seam in the carpet. No one wants to purchase beautiful new carpet just to have seams that are easily seen in it.
After the padding and carpet are in you will also need to install baseboards. Installing baseboards will require some additional tools as well. Baseboard installation is definitely easier than carpet installation but if you do not have the tools, you will want to think about the tool rental costs when deciding if this option is best for you or not.

Carpet Installation in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

No matter who the carpet installation is performed by we want you to be happy with your new carpet purchase for years to come. Once the installation is complete get your quarterly carpet cleaning scheduled with Carpet Care 2000 to help your carpet stay nice and beautiful for as long as possible!

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