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Tile Cleaning FAQ in Tracy, CA; How Often to Reseal Grout on Floor & Showers & More

When it comes to the preservation of your tile and grout floors, there is more maintenance than people realize. Different stone, whether it is manmade or natural stone tiles require similar maintenance, but it still varies. Where we know there are a lot of questions consumers have concerning the different types of tile options, today we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to answer the frequently asked questions regarding the general cleaning and sealing of tile and grout.

Tile & Grout Cleaning FAQ; Does the Grout in My Ceramic Tile Need Resealing & More

Q: Why should I have my tile and grout professionally cleaned?
Grout is very porous in nature and if the tile isn’t sealed a lot of buildup can accumulate in the scratches and scuffs. Just like carpets, the soil collects over time and even when you vacuum, you can’t extract it all; same is said of tile and grout. With professional cleaning, equipped with the heavy duty equipment, potent cleaners, and expertise can effectively remove that buildup at the bottom.
Q: Why does tile and grout need to be sealed?
As previously mentioned, grout is a porous material that absorbs soil and moisture. Ensuring your tile and grout are routinely sealed will create a protective barrier, giving you a fair advantage in cleaning spills and performing daily dirt extraction before the majority of it has an opportunity to penetrate deeply; making your tile look dull and grout looking dingy.
Q: How do professionals clean grout and tile?
Typically, high powered quality cleaning agents are applied to the tile and grout; formulated to remove soap scum, mineral deposits, dirt, debris, and any microbes and bacteria that often lead to mildew and mold. In addition, professionals use high-powered equipment designed to effectively loosen the deep root filth and extract it up and off the tile and grout. After a professional cleaning, tile and grout is left shiny and vibrant again.
Q: How frequently should I schedule a professional tile and grout cleaning?
There are many contributing factors that dictate how often you get your tile and grout professionally cleaned. Foot traffic, number of occupants including children and indoor pets, as well as how diligent you are on keeping up on your tile and grout cleaning on a day to day business, if the sealant maintenance is on par, and so forth. On average, it is recommended that your tile and grout are cleaned every six months, but at the very least, once a year.
Q: How long does it take to have my tile and grout professionally cleaned and sealed?
Generally, an average size room, up to 250 square feet, takes approximately 90 minutes depending on the extent of the service. Grout lines, buildup, size of the tile, room configuration, and so forth, with a sealant included, from start to finish, it can take up to three hours.
Q: How long after the cleaning and sealant service should I wait before foot traffic resumes?
It is recommended that you wait at least three hours before walking on it but typically it takes 24 hours for the sealant to cure. However, we suggest you wait over the 24 hours before allowing the any liquids to make contact.
Q: Is there a specific cleaner I should use following a sealant service?
In order to extend the sealant, it is recommended you avoid harsh abrasive and acid cleaners, particularly bleach and other cleaners. Stick with a small quantity of liquid dish detergent and water to avoid breaking down the sealant.

Tile & Grout Cleaning, Sealing & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

We hope this answers your question, but if you do not see your question here, please feel welcome to call Carpet Care 2000 and our experts will happily answer your question or if you need your tile and grout professionally cleaned, give us a call to schedule your service!

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