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How to Clean & Get Old Red Kool Aid Stains Out of Carpet After it Has Dried in Tracy, CA

When you have kids at home they seem to want to get a sugary colored drink which makes Kool aid a perfect choice. Kool aid is a drink that has some added color that stains anything it touches. This includes the child’s lips, tongue and of course anywhere they spill it. With the summer coming to an end and school just starting up again, a big glass of Kool aid is a good choice on the hot day. The problem is that many kids are not careful when they have a cup of this staining drink and tend to spill it! Spilling outside or on the tile is not so hard to clean but on the carpet and you may think that there is no hope. When the carpet has a spill from any color Kool aid but especially red it can be difficult to remove. The stain will start to happen immediately and it is best to start your treatment right away. The longer you wait the more the stain will settle and the harder it becomes to get it out.

Carpet Care 2000 Outlines Steps Needed to Get Kool Aid Stains Out Of Carpet

Treat Kool Aid Carpet Stain Right Away: One of the biggest mistakes that are made when there is a spill in the carpet is waiting to clean it. The longer any type of stain is left on the carpet the more and more it is soaking into the fibers of the carpet. You want to act fast when Kool aid is spilled on your carpet. You can get a few clean cloths that can be used to dab away at as much of the excess liquid as possible. You can also use white paper towels that you can throw out as they become saturated. When you work on this part of the process be sure not to scrub the area but only apply downward pressure in the spot that is affected.
Make A Carpet Stain Removal Cleaning Solution: When you are ready to clean the spot you want to make a cleaning solution that you can keep in a spray bottle. First add a quarter cup of your average white vinegar and about one tablespoon of dish soap. You want to fill the bottle full with warm water and mix it carefully. This solution can be saved for the next time you need to use it. Make sure that you label the cleaner so that it is not used for the intent of water only.
Spray & Dab at Kool Aid Carpet Stain: The next step is to use the solution that you made to soak the area that the Kool aid has been spilled on. You can allow the cleaning solution to sit on the area for about ten minutes before you work it. After the soaking period you want to get a clean cloth to dab away at the area until the spot is gone. You may need to repeat the process several times to get it all the way out.

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