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Tips For Caring & Cleaning Area Rugs on Carpet, Hardwood & Tile Floors in your Mountain House CA Home

Area rugs can add so much to a wood or tiled floor. It adds style, comfort and charm. But sometimes, especially in a busy, full house, the area rugs can accumulate stains and show signs of premature wear and tear.

Carpet Care 2000 would like to offer you some tips and advice on regular area rug care and maintenance as well stain removal.

Area Rug Cleaning & Preventive Maintenance

1. Vacuuming Area Rugs. Vacuuming your area rug daily, or as often as needed, goes without saying. Ensuring dust, debris and any pet dander or hair is important not only for allergy sufferers, but keeping your rug clean also extends its vibrancy and lifespan. But what you may not realize, is once a month or so, you want to flip your area rug upside down, thoroughly vacuum the carpets bottom, flip it back over and vacuum well. Avoid vacuuming any fringes or tassels, as this could fray or damage the delicate fibers.
2. Rotating Area Rugs. To deter the high traffic pattern wear and tear, and fading as a result of sunlight, it is a clever idea to rotate your rugs periodically.
3. Storage of Area Rugs. If you are in need of storing your area rugs, roll them up and lay them down instead of stood up. This will help prevent creases from compromising the integrity of your rugs.
4. Area Rug Vibrancy. To help extend the vibrancy and shine, give your rug a vinegar treatment. Here’s how: Mix 1 part white vinegar, and 3 parts water. This chore is better accomplished on a cloudy day or in the evening, as sun could potentially lighten the rugs coloring. Once your mixture is ready to go, use a clean sponge, make sure it is rung out well, and gently pat the rug. This treatment only calls for a slightly damp rug, do not soak your rug.

Area Rug Stain Removal

* Note: Whether you choose to utilize homemade mixtures, or pre-made detergents off the shelf, always conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous area to ensure the cleaner will not compromise the fibers in any way. Always check the label on your rug, and follow manufacturer’s directions on cleaning methods.
– It is always best to tend to spills and accidents as they occur. The sooner you clean up, the less likely stains will endure.
– Always blot up the excess liquids or scrape up solids. Never rub vigorously as this can push staining agents deeper in to the fibers.
– Never use hot water when tending to spills as this could cause the stain to set in. The possibility of removing the stain will be slim to none.
– For valuable or antique rugs, seek professional assistance.
– If you have experienced any flooding, and your area rug was submerged in water for a period of time, get professional care involved as well.
– For minor cleanups, mix a few squirts of liquid dish soap into 2 cups of water and gently blot the stain with the cloth and some cleaner applied to the cloth.
– To neutralize odors use 1 part vinegar, 3 parts water and blot the area with the mixture on a clean cloth.

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