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Tips to Extend the Life of Upholstery in Carbona, CA; Professional Sofa Cleaning, Rotating Couches & More

Getting your new chair, loveseat, sofa, couch, or any furniture, especially with upholstery is not cheap. When finding the right upholstery complimenting your ideal designed furnishings, you want it to last. This is sometimes easier said than done. Though you may implement strict rules on the household to treat the furniture with care like avoiding consumption of food and drink, keeping feet off as well as pets for that matter, it doesn’t always mean your rules are being observed. Though these practices certainly contribute to preserving the upholstery, there are some care and maintenance you can do to keep your upholstery in prime condition, extend the lifespan, and ensure it remains esthetically pleasing. With that in mind, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to offer some tips and advice on extending the projected lifespan of your upholstery.

Clean Upholstery Surface Daily

Cleaning the upholstery is essential for the overall condition, esthetics, and longevity; and it needs to be performed frequently and sufficiently. Dirt slowly deteriorates upholstery over time, but can accumulate quickly. Dirt is a natural abrasive and simply applying pressure will create friction causing a sanding-like affect that over the course of time wears through and breakdown fabrics. Simply vacuum the surface daily with the hose all of your attachments for the appropriate areas to extract as much dirt and dust as possible. Go over the top to bottom and all sides, including cushions and under cushions.

Control Pet Shedding on Sofas

Dirt isn’t the only source of filth that takes a toll on upholster. Pet hair or fur along with contaminates on your pet’s body are transferred onto the upholstery when they are lean against it or resting on top of it. With or without your permission, your pets are come into contact with your upholstery, ensuring the pet hair or fur is under control will contribute to the positive lasting effects of your upholstery.

Rotate Upholstered Furniture

There are a few ways upholstered furniture should be rotated. Starting with the detachable and tangible cushions or pads, flip them around every month or so to prevent the divots and grooves that will become a permanent fixtures on your sofas and chairs after long term use. Upholstery and extreme exposure to direct sunlight fades and dries out the fibers, making your upholstery look dull, faded, and aged. By relocating the furniture around the room every year or so, you can hinder the deteriorating process caused by the sun. Add blinds, drapes, curtains, UV film covers and other such preventive measures for more protection.

Know Couch Fabric & Cleaning Treatments

There are a number of materials used to create upholstery; educate yourself on the upholstery used on your furniture. Read the labels and research the fabric types used for your upholstery as well as optimal treatments to help extend the life of your upholstery. For example, with various types of upholstery, they can be pretreated with Scotch Guard to ward away stains. Knowing what the upholstery is constructed of also helps you better prepare yourself to clean stains more effectively.

Annual Professional Sofa Cleaning

It is recommended that upholstery get cleaned by a professional once a year. Favored upholstery that collects more sweat, dirt, hair, pollens, stains, and odors can get a deep professional clean more frequently as needed.

Upholstery Cleaning, Stain Removal & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

If the upholstery in your home is in need of a professional deep clean, contact Carpet Care 2000 and our specialists will get your upholstery cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized.

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