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Upholstery Cleaning FAQ in Tracy, CA; How Often Should Couch Be Cleaned, How Long for Sofa to Dry & More

When the time comes and your furniture’s upholstery is in need of some major cleaning, you may try to clean your upholstery yourself. You might find the results may not be as thorough as you may have hoped. You may wonder why a professional upholstery cleaning will give you better results, or you may have questions on how to better clean your upholstery. We are asked questions all the time about upholstery cleaning. Today Carpet Care 2000 would like to share with you some of these common questions and provide the answers.

How Often Should Couch Be Cleaned?

Unfortunately this answer will vary per-household. A busier household with kids and or pets will need their upholstery cleaned more often. If you live a quiet life, and you no longer have kids or pets in your home, you can go much longer in between professional cleanings. To keep it simple, if you have both kids and pets you may need your upholstery cleaned every six to eight months. Fewer kids and a house without pets and you may go twelve months in between upholstery cleanings. Retired couples can easily go twelve to twenty-four months before your next cleaning. You may also want to gauge your upholstery cleaning needs on how the upholstery looks and smells.

How Does Upholstery Vary from Carpet Cleaning?

Many people think carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning is about the same process. Where the process may seem similar, cleaning upholstery is much different than cleaning carpets. One major difference is that the nature of upholstery is much more delicate. Upholstery will greatly vary on the fabric used to create the upholstery. Each type of upholstery often requires their own cleaning solvents and water temperature. It is important to know how each upholstery type is cleaned to prevent ruining the furniture. So no, carpets and upholstery require much different cleaning methods.

Is Upholstery Cleaning Worth It?

Yes, it is important to have your upholstery cleaned. Some of the main reasons starts with a healthier living environment. Upholstery is often the source of a number of indoor contaminants and pollutants. Dirty upholstery can even lead to skin conditions. Another major reason why it is important to have the upholstery cleaned is to extend the life of the furniture. Your furniture will last longer, look nicer, and be healthier with regular upholstery cleanings.

How Long Does Upholstery Take to Dry After Cleaning?

Another common question is in wondering how long upholstery takes to dry. To properly schedule your upholstery cleaning it helps to know when you can use your furniture again. If you are expecting guests, it makes sense to not sit on wet furniture. Each fabric or upholstery type will dry faster or slower than others. However, in general, upholstery will take twelve hours to completely dry. You can place fans to help speed up the drying process if necessary. Twelve hours is the worst case scenario, as upholstery can dry within a few hours. To error on the side of caution, plan on the upholstery needing to take all night to fully dry.

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