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What Causes Carpet to Deteriorate & Get Damaged in Mountain House, CA? Water, Harsh Cleaners & More

Every day, your carpets take a beating. There are many forms of abuse that our carpets withstand between the foot traffic, pets, and kids as well as the spills, dirt, and stains. Though these are some of the more normal and expected wear for your carpet, however, there are many more hazards with which you should familiarize yourself. With this in mind, we at Carpet Care 2000 would like to discuss the carpet killers you can avoid.

What Causes Damage to Carpet?

1) Carpet Damage Caused by Water. A significant threat to your carpet is any water exposure that leads to damage and left untreated. Though it may seem easy to dry, it may not be the case since water can quickly seep down into your carpet. Mold and mildew can be caused to grow before causing structural fragility to your floorboards because the moisture is difficult to fully remove from the fibers. You will want to consult a professional water restoration company as soon as possible when you’ve experienced a flood or spill in order to prevent this.
2) Improper Carpet Cleaning. Carpet cleaning services, and DIY attempts can also be of detriment to your floor furnishings, though it sounds counterintuitive. Excess water is likely left in the carpets, cleaning solution residues are left behind, and more dirt is attracted these residues when you choose an amateur carpet cleaning company can mean that excess water. For expert carpet cleaning services, you want to select a reputable carpet cleaning expert such as Carpet Care 2000.
3) Inefficient Vacuuming. Adjusting the height in accordance with the height of the carpet is an often-overlooked aspect of vacuuming. The vacuum will not be able to reach the debris on the ground if in the event the bristles are too high. The bristles can damage your carpet when set too low, however. While protecting the fibers, you need to find the sweet spot that will allow for a thorough clean.
4) Harsh Carpet Cleaners Before using it, you should always spot test any cleaning solutions on a small portion of your carpet. You can locate spot in the back of your closet and see how the fibers respond for instance. Taking this step can prevent you from ruining the entire carpet with a harsh product.
5) Not Hiring Professionals to Clean the Carpets. Carpets require a lot of maintenance and care to ensure they last. With the help of routinely deep cleaned carpets by a professional, you can even extend the lifespan of your carpets. In addition to preserving the life the carpets, you keep them in pristine condition, spotless, and fresh.

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When it comes to the carpet cleaning in your Tracy, California home, the professionals of Carpet Care 2000 are readily available to provide quality carpet cleaning services. Whether you need maintenance cleaning, or if you need help with tough stains or odors, our technicians have the training, skills, and experience to ensure it is done right. Additionally, we use powerful, advanced equipment along with premium products to maximize our efforts. Call us today!

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