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Wool Area Rug Cleaning in Danville, CA; Vacuuming Tips, How to Deep Clean & More

One of the most highly recommended types of area rugs are wool rugs. Where wool rugs are considered to be one of the more durable and easier rugs to clean and maintain, you still want to follow proper cleaning and care techniques. Wool rugs, as durable as they are, do have a few weaknesses which needs to be addressed to prolong the life of the rug. Carpet Care 2000 will share how to clean and care for wool rugs.

How to Best Vacuum Area Rugs

Wool rugs are made primarily of wool but are often blended with other natural materials. Due to the natural materials used in wool rugs, they are often found harboring dust mites and can break down under intense sunlight exposure. To properly care for wool area rugs, you will want to vacuum them regularly. Like carpet, you will want to remove as much dirt that may be locked between the knots and fibers of the rug. Those tiny grains of dirt can break down the fibers over time and thin out the rug. When spills occur, the dirt in the rug can harden and cause the rug to look dirty. It is recommended that to keep the rug clean and free of dirt, to vacuum the rug twice a week. When vacuuming, the best results occur when using a vacuum with a beater bar to begin in the center of the rug. To prevent damaging the rug when vacuuming, use an upholstery attachment to clean the edges of the rug. Every three months you should also rotate the rug to spread out the foot traffic patterns.

Deep Cleaning Area Rugs

When deep cleaning an area rug, it is encouraged to always use a professional service as they have the right tools and knowledge to properly clean all types of area rugs, including wool. However, when deep cleaning wool carpet, you will want to make sure to follow proper cleaning techniques or you could damage and/or shrink wool rugs. When deep cleaning wool rugs you will want to thoroughly vacuum the rug and take it to a place where there is plenty of sunlight and have the room to air it dry like the garage, porch or deck. Additionally, make sure the cleaning site is freshly clean before placing the rug on top of it. After vacuuming and placing the rug in an area for cleaning, next you will want to fill a bucket with cool water and add about two tablespoons of Woolite or another gentle detergent. Have a second buck filled with clean plain water for rinsing. Begin cleaning the rug by dipping a sponge into the detergent and clean the rug in three feet sections, starting at the top and moving side to side as you work your way down. When cleaning the rug, never over soak the rug as wool rugs can hold water for prolonged periods of time. After cleaning the rug, take the bucket with plain water and rinse the rug using the same method. Make sure to be thorough when rinsing to make sure there is no soapy residue left in the rug. Blot the rug dry with white towels. You will want to suck up most of the moisture in the rug. Leave the rug to dry. You can use fans to help the rug dry faster. Once the rug is completely dry you can bring it back inside the house.

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