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Can Carpet Cleaners Remove Bleach Spills? How to Treat Bleach Spots from Carpet in Banta, CA

Carpets seem to inevitably collect stains and spots. More often than not, the quicker you treat a spill or an accident, the better off you are in removing any traces and residues. But sometimes, there are those exceptions that no matter what you do, you are not going to triumph. Unsightly stains can make your carpets look low grade; bringing down an otherwise meticulously kept room. There are some chemicals that can permanently discolor carpets. One primary, common household product is bleach, or bleach-based products. When bleach makes contact with your carpets, it will instantly start lightening them. Depending on the quantity and potency, dictates how quick the process is. There are a few fundamental basics that you should know about bleach. Carpet Care 2000 will get into some advice on handling bleach spots.

Is a Bleach Spill on Carpet a Stain or Spot?

Many people suggest that a bleach spot is a stain and with the correct DIY remedy, you can simply remove the hideous marks. Bleach is not wine you can sop up and add a little of this and that to lift the stain. Bleach, unfortunately, is a chemical agent that literally dissolves the color pigments from your carpets. Depending on how dark your carpets are, it will first turn lighter, than perhaps and orangish color, than a yellowish color, and if enough time and potency is involved, it can turn the carpets white where it made contact. Because the color is being stripped, throwing some white vinegar on top and blotting it up will not restore your carpet back to its natural state.

How to Prevent Bleach Spots on Carpet from Getting Worse

You can minimize the damage by halting the progress of the bleach, or bleach based products in the event they make contact with your carpets. When treating bleach, avoid the following:
– Do not use hot water.
– Do not use colored or printed cloths or towels, as the dyed or printed cloths can transfer the dye onto the carpet, stick to solid white to be safe).
– Do not rub, scrub, and wipe vigorously.

How to Treat Bleach Spots on Carpet

1) Start by using a white cloth to gently blot the moisture of the bleach. Begin working on the outer edges of the spot and work your way into the center to avoid spreading the bleach out. With minimal pressure blots being more optimal, you can avoid pushing the bleach deeper into the fibers.
2) Lightly sponge pure water onto the spots, for a light rinse and blot out the moisture with a dry cloth.
3) Mix together one cup of water, with ΒΌ cup white vinegar in a squirt bottle to neutralize the bleach. Moderately mist the bleached area with the mixture and let it sit five minutes.
4) Use a damp cloth to blot up the mixture.
5) With a dry cloth, blot the area to pull up the excess moisture.
6) Call a professional that offers bleach carpet repair services, such as Carpet Care 2000 to efficiently restore your carpet back.

Carpet Bleach Spot Removal & More in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Dublin, Mountain House, Walnut Creek, Danville & the East Bay of California

Carpet Care 2000 specialists use carpet dye repair skills to expertly match the original color of the carpet and repair the bleached spots, restoring the carpet back to its original state. Contact us for a consultation today.

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