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How to Clean & Remove Wet & Dry Oil Based Paint Stains from Your Carpets in Lyoth, CA

Making sure that your carpet is clean and all the spots removed is a task that takes time. It is also something that has to be worked on constantly and each type of spill has to be cleaned with the correct method. On top of cleaning any spills, stains or spots you have to also use the vacuum to clean any debris and dirt that might be on the carpet. When it comes to spots and stains on the carpet if you choose to use the incorrect method you may end up making the problem much worse. When you are dealing with gum that has landed on your carpet you need to use ice to freeze the gum so you are able to remove it with a hard object. When it is wax from a candle you need to use heat to get it to lift off the carpet. Most stains from a liquid needs to be worked on as soon as you possibly can. The liquid will soak into the carpet fibers as well as the backing and padding making it much harder to remove the longer it sits. Another problem is when your carpet has mud on it. The process is something that you need to use patience for. You want the mud to actually dry all the way out before you try and treat it so that it does not get worse. A stain that is feared by most is the dreaded paint. You can end up with paint on your carpet from interior paint job as well as crafting. It is best to know what the method to use to get the paint off the carpet.

Best Method to Get Oil Paint Spills Off Carpets

This may seem like an odd way to clean paint off the carpet but using WD-40 is a great way to treat the problem. You need to start by collecting the items that you will need in addition to the WD-40. Get out a pair of gloves to protect your hands, a clean wash cloth, dish detergent, warm water and a hard object such as a knife. The first step that you want to take when you are treated a paint spill is to remove the excess. This is where the butter knife comes in handy. You can gently pry the paint off the carpet leaving as little as possible. Then you use the WD-40 to soak the spot that is still stained from the paint. You need to allow the treatment to sit on the spot for about 15 to 20 minutes. This will work to break down the paint so that it is easier to pull away from the fibers. Then use the wash cloth to dab and soak up the rest of the paint. Then follow up the cleaning process with a warm water as well as dish detergent. This will help to clean the WD-40 and any residual paint as well.

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