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Can You Steam Clean a Light Colored Microfiber Couch in Banta, CA to Keep Sofa Fabric Fresh?

Micro suede fabric has a beautiful and unique texture that is aesthetically pleasing to many people. The velvety material adds depth and contrast to any room. It gives a luxurious feeling without breaking the bank. One of the greatest selling points of a microfiber sofa, is their superior stain resistant fabric. Not only do these couches look great, they are fairly simple to care for. They hold up well against the inevitable accidents that come with having pets in the home, or young children. After a few years of wear and tear, these comfy couches can take a real beating. Just because they are stain-resistant, doesn’t mean that stains can’t occur. When a microfiber couch begins to look like it’s been through the wringer, it can be a real eyesore. Proper care and maintenance for these couches are vital in order to keep them looking new for years to come. Carpet Care 2000 is here today to give some helpful hints on how to maintain these beautiful couches.

Keep Your Sofa Fabric Clean

Make it a habit to vacuum your couches as often as you clean the floors around them. Do this with a soft brush attachment. Vacuum the whole couch, including under and in between couch cushions to remove crumbs, dirt or anything else that may be hiding in the cracks. If pet hair gets onto the couch, you can use a lint roller or other like item to remove the pet hair.

Clean Spills on Upholstery Right Away

It’s not easy to clean every spill right after it happens, especially with kids in the house. Let’s face it, our kids don’t always tell us right away when a spill occurs. Just do your best, if you can get to a spill right away, you have a better chance of removing the liquid without a stain occurring. Unlike other couch materials, micro suede material is stain resistant and therefore smaller spills will bead up upon contact, leaving you enough time to soak up the spill before a stain sets in. Grab some paper towels or a clean cloth/rag and soak up the spill, including between the couch cushions and in the cracks.

To Spot Clean Sofa, Follow Upholstery Cleaning Codes

Every couch has a tag that contains cleaning labels on it. If your micro suede couch has a “W” label, that indicates it is safe to use water and high temperatures to clean. If the label shows a “S”, you can use manufacturer recommended solvents to spot clean the couch, when needed. If there is an “X” on the label, you will need to consult with a professional cleaning company for advice on the best care. After a spot cleaning, if the material feels stiff, you can use a fine-toothed comb to re-fluff the fabric.

Best Steam Cleaner for Couch

Most microfiber couches are safe to steam clean. You will want to have your couches professionally steam cleaned about once a year, or more in high traffic households. Spot cleaning works well for small spills, but eventually runs the risk of leaving your couch discolored from too much cleaning. Steam cleaning is a safe alternative that effectively removes stains, fluffs the fabric and removes 99% of bacteria and germs from the surface of the couch.

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Carpet Care 2000 offers upholstery cleaning on all types of couch material. If you have further questions about caring for or steam cleaning your micro suede couches, give us a call.

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