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How to Get Wet or Dry Playdough, Slime or Silly Putty Out of Carpet or Area Rugs in Altamont, CA

So many kids love playing with playdough, slime and silly putty … and why not? It is soft, squishy, and brightly colored. While your kids play with their playdough creating their own works of art, they often get it stuck in the rug or carpet. Unless you pick the playdough up quickly, often you find it later dried and squished in the carpet or rug. Many people will attempt to remove the playdough by pulling it out which actually creates a bigger problem as you’ll often pull the carpet fibers out with the playdough. This damages the carpet. Carpet Care 2000 will share how you can remove playdough safely from your carpets.

How to Clean & Remove Playdough from Carpets & Rugs

Step 1. Any stain or substance that falls on carpet or rug it is generally always best to clean the mess as soon as it happens (there are some exceptions such as mud). However, sometimes you may notice your kids got playdough all over your carpet when it is too late. If the playdough is still damp, try to remove it by vacuuming it up.
Step 2. If the playdough remains stuck in the carpet your next step is to get a bucket or bowl and fill it with hot water. It the playdough is dry or hard the hot water will help soften it. Use a damp cloth and begin blotting at the clay. Blot with a dry rag to help absorb some of the moisture out of the carpet. With the carpet slightly damp, use the vacuum to suck out more of the playdough.
Step 3. Another approach when the playdough is still dry is to use a stiff cleaning brush to scrub a small piece away and suck up the piece with the vacuum. However if you can’t remove all of the playdough with this method, use the hot water method to remove the remaining playdough out of the carpet.
Step 4. After removing the playdough there may be some discoloration in the carpet. Removing a stain from playdough can be tricky since dyes are used to color it. Removing the dye can be difficult, but usually not impossible. To remove the stain start by pouring hydrogen peroxide over the stain. Next, get a damp cloth and lay it over the stain. Use a clothing iron with medium heat and hold the iron on top of the stain for about 60 seconds and then remove the iron and cloth. Note: it is important to use a white cloth to prevent the dye in the cloth bleeding into the carpet. This step should remove most of the dye out of the carpet. However, if any dye remains, use a carpet cleaner to help remove the rest of the stain.
Step 5. Make sure you rinse the area after treating the stain with hydrogen peroxide with straight water. Use regular tap water to rinse the area. Pour the water over the hydrogen peroxide and use a white dry cloth. Press down over the water to draw it out and into the cloth. You will need to repeat the dry cloth press until the carpet is dry.

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