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Carpet Bubbling Up & Bulging in San Ramon, CA? How to Flatten & Get Wrinkles Out of Carpet

There are several things that can cause or create ripples in carpets. Some of the most common causes are age, humidity, dragging heavy items over the carpet and incorrectly cleaning carpets. When these ripples occur, especially in newer carpet, you can re-stretch the carpet and give your floor a smooth and tight look once again. Carpet Care 2000 will share how to repair carpet rippling and the steps involved to re-stretch the rippled carpet.

How to Get Carpet Ripples Out

Step 1. To begin, remove all of the furniture from off of the carpet. Make sure the carpet is bare of any items and make sure not to drag the furniture causing even more rippling.
Step 2. Remove any floor registers or thresholds that may be along the carpet. Next determine how your carpet was laid. Carpets are laid down with either a tack-less or tack strip system.
Step 3. After determining how the carpet was laid, you can begin pulling the carpet. Begin pulling the carpet on the opposite side of the rippling and only remove the carpet to the point where the rippling ends. If the padding is bunched up in any areas attempt to lay the padding flat. Don’t roll the carpet just pull it up and let it lay flat.
Step 4. Next replace any damaged or loosened tack strips. When replacing tack strips you will want to install the tack strips close to the wall or edges to help keep the carpet tighter.
Step 5. If your carpet has any frayed edges, use a utility knife and remove the frayed areas. Then use a steam sealer or carpet latex to enclose the carpet to prevent future fraying. Make sure to let the sealer fully dry before continuing to the next step.
Step 6. On the side where the carpet is still attached or held in place, which should be the rippling side, begin laying the head of the power steamer about a foot away from the edge. You may need to add sections of pole to the power steamer long enough to reach the end of the carpet. Use a piece of wood such as a 2×4 to help protect the wall. Butt the pole against the wood and the wall.
Step 7. Begin pumping the head of the power steamer leaver to begin stretching the carpet. As you tighten the carpet, tack the edge of the carpet down on the tack strips or the tack-less strips you may find that you may have access carpet trim the carpet and tuck the edges underneath the floor trim work. You can use a carpet tack hammer to help put the corners of the carpet in place.

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For those who have never had the experience of re-stretching or repairing carpet ripples before, you might find this process of re-stretching carpet difficult. If you find that you lack the experience or the time repairing your carpet, don’t stress. Carpet Care 2000 provides carpet installation, repair and re-stretching services. If your carpet needs it own facelift, contact Carpet Care 2000 and schedule your carpet repair and re-stretching today.

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