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Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid in Livermore, CA; Over Soaked Carpets, Leaving Stains & More

You have a home that you need to make sure is cleaned and cared for. Everyone has their own way to care for their home and to keep it looking it best. There are many areas of the home that will require some specific type of cleaning. Your bathroom is cleaned with certain cleaners and you may clean them more often then you choose to clean your bedroom. Having a plan to clean the house is important and making sure that you know what to do to keep the house clean properly is also important. When it comes to the carpet in your house you want to make sure you know what to do to take care of it. You also want to make sure that you do not do anything that might damage the carpet. If you damage the carpet you will end up needing to replace it which can be costly and uproot your life. Carpet Care 2000 outlines how to avoid damaging your carpet when cleaning.

Don’t Scrub at Carpet Stains

One of the issues that you will likely see is that there are people that don’t know the best method to clean a spot or stain from the carpet. You instinct might be to grab a rag and to start scrubbing away to remove it from the carpet. This is actually a mistake and should be avoided at all costs. What happens when you scrub is that you are spreading the stain or spill out making the area larger. You also are moving aggressively in a way that can damage the fibers that make up your carpet. You want to make sure that you only use the pressing and dabbing technique to remove any spills and stains. This will stop you from creating fraying and damage to the carpet while still cleaning any messes that might end up on the carpets.

Avoid Over Soaked Carpet

Another problem that comes up is that you use an abundance of cleaning solutions whether it is homemade or store bought. You might spray or dump the cleaning solution soaking the area. The reason that you want to avoid this is that the solution you are using can soak past the carpet fibers and into the backing and even the padding. This can be problematic and leave the carpet soaked for a long period of time. It can also create an environment that mold and mildew can grow. It is best to use a small amount at a time and move up slowly as needed. This will prevent a secondary issue that might occur otherwise.

Do Not Delay Treating Carpet Stains

You might think you do not have time to deal with a spill that is on the carpet. The stains can and usually do come at a bad time but you want to avoid letting them sit on the carpet. This is a common mistake that is made and should be avoided to stop stains from setting in. The setting in can make it much more difficult to remove the stains and that is why you want to take care of them as soon as they happen.

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