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DIY Carpet Installation Mistakes & Signs of Bad Installs in Tracy CA; Call our Full Service Carpet Cleaning Professionals!

New homeowners have a long list of tasks to accomplish before moving in and often times these tasks should be performed by a professional rather than taking the job on by themselves. One of the biggest jobs a new home often requires is that of carpet installation. Installing carpet may seem as easy as simply laying the carpet down on your floor and moving on to the next item on your list, unfortunately it is nowhere close to being that easy. Carpet installation requires the skill and experience of a professional; especially if it is professional results that you desire. There are a few common mistakes that homeowners often make when they decide to install their own carpet.

Proper Carpet Installation Tools Required

While most homeowners believe that doing the job themselves will save them money, this could not be farther from the truth. The tools and equipment required to install the carpet in your home are not items you will find laying around your garage. There are specific carpet installation tools that are required to get the job done right, and they do not come cheap either. So while doing the job yourself may seem like a fun project to take on that will save you money at the same time, you are wrong. The tools you must purchase will quickly add up and you will be wishing you had a called a professional to get the job done instead.

Patterned VS Solid Wall To Wall Carpet Installation

Carpet comes in many different designs, textures and colors making it easy to decorate your home exactly the way you want. If you have chosen a patterned carpet rather than a solid color carpet, you must be aware that installation for patterned carpet requires a different strategy for proper installation. Each part of the patterned carpet must be matched up, which will require you to purchase more carpet than you would have in choosing a solid colored carpet. Many homeowners do not realize this until they are right in the middle of the installation and this can be a very frustrating experience. Hiring a professional eliminates these types of frustrations.

Layout of Floor is Important When Installing Carpet

Many homeowners who decide to take on the job of carpet installation completely dismiss the importance of knowing their floor layout before cutting the carpet for installation. The layout of your floor has a huge impact on how the carpet should be cut. The floor in your home has many different shapes and sizes and rarely will have perfectly square or rectangular corners. Homeowners that disregard the layout of their floor will most likely experience lumps and mismatched pieces of carpet throughout their home as the end result.

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