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Floor Grout Cleaning & Stain Removal Tips in Livermore CA; Call our Full Service Carpet Cleaners

Tile is one of the most popular and versatile flooring options that homeowners decide on when installing new floors. Tile is very affordable and comes in a variety of colors, shapes and textures. Tile can add elegance to any room and is easily maintained if properly taken care of. While tile does have its many benefits, one common complaint homeowners who have installed tile into their home have is that the grout lines are always dirty and that it is difficult to keep them clean. It is true that the grout lines can sometimes seem like a magnet for dirt, grease and grime. If your tile is clean, but you still have dirty grout lines, your floor can give off the appearance of filth rather than beauty.

Over the Counter Cleaners Can Damage your Grout

There are specific steps you can take to keep the grout lines of your tile floor looking clean and new. Most homeowners make the initial mistake of purchasing over the counter grout cleaners for their floor. Not all grout is the same and it is not likely you will know the difference. Many over the counter chemicals will damage your grout, wearing it down and making it even more susceptible to permanent stains. Simply pouring a high volume of harsh chemicals onto your floor will not solve the problem. Your best option for keeping your grout cleaned properly is to hire a professional floor cleaning service. Professionals know the appropriate types of cleaners that are safe for your grout and will produce the best results.

A Mop Will Not Thoroughly Clean your Tile

While mops may have been the acceptable way to clean a floor years and years ago, the grout lines of your tile floor will not benefit from a mop simply being swept over them again and again. Grout lines require specific tools for a thorough and safe cleaning. While a mop is not strong enough to scrub grout lines, a steel brush will tear away the surface of your grout. It is important to become familiar with the appropriate tools necessary to appropriately clean the grout lines of your tile floor.

Vacuuming Tile & Grout

Vacuuming your tiled floors at least once a day will greatly assist in keeping your grout lines clean. Dust, dirt and grime that is allowed to build up over time can slowly seep into your grout lines, causing dark stains that can become extremely difficult to remove on your own. When you vacuum at least once a day, you are removing dust, dirt, grime and pet dander that can have a negative effect on your grout.

If you are ready to have your tile floor looking like new again, contact Carpet Care 2000 to get your grout looking new in Tracy, Livermore, San Ramon, Danville, Dublin, Ripon, Mountain House & Danville California!

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