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How to Keep High Traffic Tile & Grout, Area Rugs & Carpet Floors Clean in Your Livermore, CA Home or Business

Keeping the floors throughout your home clean can be challenging with the possibility and likelihood of a spill or accident occurring. Whether your home has carpet, rugs or tile flooring, it can be a time consuming task to keep your floors clean, remove stains and clean up accidents. While doing the job yourself may seem like it will save you money, you may want to consider the time, energy and cost in supplies that are required to properly clean your floors. Hiring a professional floor cleaning service like Carpet Care 2000 to deep clean the floors of your home will save you time, energy and money and leave your floors as clean as they can possibly be.

How to Keep High Traffic Carpet Areas Clean

Carpet can be one of the most difficult types of flooring to keep clean. Carpet fibers will soak up any spill very quickly. It is important to clean up any carpet spill immediately to prevent any possible stains. Carpet experiences spills from drinks, food and even pet accidents. These mishaps can lead to tough stains and offensive odors if not properly cleaned. A professional floor cleaning service will use the most effective materials to clean your floor, removing any stain and odor that exists. A professional floor cleaning service will use industrial strength machines to remove dirt dust and grime from carpet that can cause respiratory problems and keep your family breathing easy.

How to Clean an Area Rug

Large area rugs are becoming a more popular option for homes and provide many benefits. Area rugs come in many more colorful patterns that regular carpet and a great deal of options for sizes to suit a specific room. Area rugs are sometimes placed in high traffic areas to protect the underlying floor. This is effective in that purpose but the rug takes a hard hit when it comes to dust, dirt and grime being tracked in from the outdoors. A professional floor cleaning service will properly clean your rugs with the most proven methods, keeping your rugs looking like new and extending their life.

Cleaning Tile & Grout Floors

Tile is one of the most durable types of flooring you can install into your home. It can withstand most spills and stains while providing a beautiful look to your home. Sometimes the sealant that is placed on a tile floor can ware down and that will allow stains to settle into your tile and grout. A professional floor cleaning service can remove your tile floor’s stains and leave your floor looking like new. Contact Genesis Floor Care for excellent customer service, quality floor service and complete satisfaction.

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