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Tips for Longer Lasting Carpet in Mountain House, CA; Vacuum Often, Taking Shoes Off, Steam Cleaning & More

Installing new carpet not only enhances the beauty of a home but provides insulation sound control, and a comfortable surface to walk on. When you have carpet installed in your home you are making an investment in your home. Depending on the carpet you choose, you may be making a significant one. Carpet Care 2000 outlines what you can do to keep carpet looking great for as long as possible.

Vacuum Often

While it’s impossible to keep all dust and dirt from getting into our carpets there’s a way we can get it out when it does. We need to vacuum. You should vacuum your carpets 2-3 times a week. Make you use a good vacuum with an empty bag to collect all that dust and dirt. Empty the bag each time you use your vacuum cleaner to ensure it cleans as efficiently as possible. You may need to pass over high traffic areas up to 5 times. Most other areas should be fine with 2-3.

Taking Shoes Off to Walk on Carpet

The best way you can keep your carpet looking great is to leave all the dirt outside. Walking around the house with your shoes on will make them dirty and can damage it too. Dirt and debris can be abrasive to carpet fibers and break them down. Take your shoes off at the door to keep them clean and prevent damage.

Move Furniture Around Carpet

Walking over the same areas every day will wear your carpet down. You can slow this process down by changing the layout of your home. Change it every six months or so to even everything out and allow your carpet to “feel” a new walking routine. Your carpet will last longer and won’t receive as much wear and tear on the same areas.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

Many professionals recommend carpet cleaning every 12-18 months, others recommend 6-12. However, if you have children and/or pets, your carpet may need stain removal and a thorough cleaning more often. Many new carpets have a warranty with instructions regarding carpet cleaning to keep the warranty valid.

After Professional Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets are clean. Now what? While you should try and stay off it, you can step on your carpet when it is still damp. It is best to wear clean rubber soled shoes until it’s completely dry and remember to keep your shoes at the door to avoid and re-soiling. You also need to be careful not to slip when you walk from damp carpeted areas to non-carpeted areas. Your carpet should be completely dry in 6-12 hours. Factors like humidity, temperature, and air flow within your home will determine exactly how long it will take. Set your thermostat to 70 degrees with the fan on and turn ceiling fans on to facilitate drying time. Foam pads under furniture legs is also helpful to avoid any color transfer to your carpet.

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